Triumph & Glory Adventurer's Espresso Supremo (WB)


Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Equip yourself with the Triumph & Glory Adventurer’s Espresso Supremo and you’ll be guaranteed a journey of only the highest order! Made from 100% Arabica beans, this Italian-style espresso is medium roasted for an unbeatable balance of flavor - think vibrant, smooth and full of nutty-chocolatey deliciousness - not to mention a luxurious crema just waiting to be topped off with your favorite milk or cream.

And who better to stand alongside you in your epic voyage than Triumph & Glory Adventurer’s? Unlike mere mortals, this drink is your trusted companion that never wavers in its commitment to provide you with culinary pleasure wherever your escapades may take you! So go ahead, grab your trusty cup of gaming fuel like an all-powerful warrior, and stick it to Fate with each and every sip. Everyone knows video gamers don't settle. They triumph and glory. And so can you!


Coffee Style: Italian style espresso is 100% Arabica (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile: Complex flavor, smooth full body, medium acidity, thick and heavy crema, with hints of nut and chocolate finish