R. P. G. Grinders Coffee Brew (WB)


Start your day like you're in an RPG world! R.P.G Grinders is the perfect way to get into your adventure mode and experience this unique medium-roast coffee with nutty undertones and winy finish.  Every sip is like a power boost - taking you further into uncharted lands, plundering villages or building an empire out of chaos. Be who you want to be, not who you have to be, with this unbelievable coffee made just for video gamers! Whether you want to make it through another marathon gaming session or escape the mundane routine of everyday life, R.P.G Grinders will give you the buzz you need to take on life’s greatest challenges - so make sure to bring this coffee with you on your next epic quest!


Coffee Style: Single Origin Colombian Supremo (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile:  Medium body and acidity, with nutty undertones and a clean, winy finish