M. V. P. Cinnamon Hazelnut (WB)


Introducing M. V. P. Cinnamon Hazelnut - the fuel for your victory! Whether you’re tearing up virtual battlefields, strategizing against your opponents, or conquering leaderboards around the world, this delicious medium roast coffee blend has what it takes to keep you on course and make you Most Valuable Player.  Those who seek greatness need look no further than this exquisite cup; with bold notes of cinnamon and hazelnut seeping into every sip, it’s truly like winning MVP status in every cup!  So, when everyone talks about thy kingdom come, show them you mean business with a cup of M. V. P. Cinnamon Hazelnut - guaranteed to keep the winning streak going no matter what kingdom comes your way.


Coffee Style: Medium Roast Coffee Blend (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile: Heavy notes of Cinnamon and Hazelnut