F. P. S. Chocolate Cake Comfort (WB)



F. P. S. Chocolate Cake Comfort is the perfect answer to your gaming and coffee needs! For those of you who understand the struggles of First Person Shooter (FPS) quests, this decadent medium roast blend offers a much-needed pick-me-up with heavy notes of chocolate cake. Yes - you read that right - chocolate cake in a cup! When you’re out on a long mission with endless planning and waiting, savor and enjoy a cup of F. P. S. Chocolate Cake Comfort for an extra boost - there’s nothing quite like having your chocolate cake and drinking it, too! You can trust that all your gaming fatigue will be taken care of by this sweet but never sugary delightful brew, for video gamers and coffee lovers alike - one sip and you'll be hooked! Don't let another mission pass you by without indulging yourself in this unique blend; everything is always better with cake - especially chocolate!

Coffee Style: Medium Roast Coffee Blend (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile: Heavy notes bursting of Chocolate cake