Highland Grog (WB)


Is your mug half empty? Or is it half full? Welcome to the world of Highland Grog! Our deliciously smooth Medium Roast Coffee Blend will have you saying "Arrrgh I want more" with its exquisite notes of Caramel and Butterscotch.

Your morning cup o' joe has never been so disarming and delightful. With the rustic flavor of our Highland Grog, gamers and coffee lovers alike can transport to an era of tumultuous battles and scurvy pirates with each sip. Not sure if ye be brave enough to try this treasure-trove of delightful flavors? Pour yourself a cup—or pour a swig or two into any world you can imagine—and your cup shall soon be emptied! Yo ho ho, get yer caffeine boost to go across the seven seas!


Coffee Style: Medium Roast Coffee Blend (Whole Bean)

Flavor Profile:  Notes of Caramel and Butterscotch